Health Benefits

Moringa Oleifera also called the “Miracle Tree” or the “Tree Of Life”

Moringa Oleifera’s health benefits have long been known and understood by the native people of Asia and Africa. These health and medicinal benefits can be traced back centuries as there are documented references of its seed oils being placed in the tombs of ancient Egyptians as preservatives. India’s ancient holistic tradition of Ayurveda holds that Moringa leaves prevent over 300 diseases.

  • It is a strong antioxidant effective against prostate and skin cancers, an anti-tumor and an anti-aging substance.

  • It modulates anemia, high blood pressure, diabetes, high serum or blood cholesterol, thyroid, liver, and kidney problems.

  • It has strong anti-inflammatory properties ameliorating rheumatism, joint pain, arthritis, edema, and Lupus.

  • It is effective against digestive disorders including colitis, diarrhea, flatulence (gas), ulcer or gastritis.

  • As an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral agent, it is affective against urinary tract infection,  typhoid, syphilis, dental caries and toothaches, fungus, thrush, common cold,

  • Epstein-Barr Virus, Herpes Simplex,

  • HIV AIDS, warts, parasites, worms, schistosomes, and trypanosomes.

  • As a detoxifying agent, it is effective against snake and scorpion bites.

  • It is effective against nervous disorders including headaches, migraines, hysteria, and epilepsy.


                     Ref: Richardson, A. (2009). Moringa Oleifera-Food, Medicine and Forage Crop.

The Knowledge that has been used by the East and Asia in alternative healing is being adapted by Western societies, as more and more people in Europe and America begin to explore the benefits of alternative healing, they are realising Moringas benefits as a Super Food.

The Moringa tree is rich in nutrients and almost every part (except for the trunk) of the tree can be consumed as food. Here at Wow Capsules we focus on Moringa leaf powder Capsules. So let’s look at some Mineral and Vitamin content of this miraculous Moringa leaf powder.

Moringa leaves provide powerful benefits to anyone who is conscious of their nutrient intake. The leaves of the Moringa tree are among the most protein-dense leaves of any plant species. They also contain high levels of vitamin A comparable to carrots and calcium comparable to milk as well as high amounts of other vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.Living up to its name as a superfood,


Moringa contains approximately:

  • 30% protein

  • All 8 essential amino acids (the only plant in the world to do so),

  • 47 anti-oxidants

  • 36 anti-inflammatory agents

  • 25 multivitamins

  • All the appropriate co-enzymes required by the body to assist with absorption of these valuable nutrients. Moringa capsules deliver a full balance of usable nutrients

Moringa oleifera capsules benefit us by providing a easily digestible powerhouse of nutrition. Moringa grows in tropical parts of the world, and for the rest of the population who do not have ready access to fresh Moringa leaves, capsules provide an ideal solution. Moringa capsules contain powder from Moringa leaves, which have been dried at low temperatures to preserve the abundant nutrients – minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids.


Consuming Moringa capsules everyday can have very positive effects on overall energy and stamina. Notice a variety of beneficial changes in your vitality: increased energy, alertness, mental focus and clarity. Just a few of the other many benefits of Moringa oleifera include increased flexibility, improved sensory perception, better sleep cycles, decreased depression and anxiety, and improved memory. It has been used to help those with diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and even cancer.

When compared to other food sources on a gram for gram basis, Moringa capsules contain:

  • 10 times the Vitamin A than in carrots.

  • 15 times the Potassium than bananas.

  • 8.5 times the Protein than in yogurt.

  • 16.5 times the Calcium than milk.

  • 25 times the Iron in spinach. 


Faster recovery - Moringa oleifera's complete amino profile, along with dozens of vitamins and minerals, makes it a perfect recovery food after grueling workouts and physical strain.

Healthy blood sugar levels - antioxidants and unique regulating compounds help control blood sugar and keep the blood free of unhealthy substances.

Moringa oleifera is nature’s whole-food complex, making it easy for your body to recognize, absorb, and assimilate. It is known as the “Tree of Life”, “The Miracle Tree”.  Composed of essential amino acids, iron, zinc, fiber, calcium, proteins, and beneficial antioxidants, Moringa is truly a nutritional and energizing powerhouse.

Moringa is 100% natural – it is free of pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, and chemical toxins. These organic practices are what make our Moringa the healthiest, most nutrient-dense whole food supplement on the market.


Our passion for nature’s gift of health drives Wow Capsules to healty living. We care about our loyal customers and are devoted to offering top customer service and quality to anyone eager to join us in experiencing the wonders of Moringa and our whole product range.